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Reinforcments engineered
for every type of accessories

What is
Leather Board

Leather Boards (also known as SALPA, Bonded Leather, RECYCLED LEATHER). By finely milling vegetable leather scraps as well as chrome shavings, adding natural fat and latex & others as a binder, adding water, the mixture is pumped through a long screen machine - a production process.

By subsequently calendaring and finishing, leather boards is formed - a continuous product which is available in a number of qualities and thicknesses

Leather Board

  • Soft & supple with a very good flexibility & memory.

  • Leather like structure gives the products a natural feel & not papery feel

  • Very good strength and stich compatibility

  • Easy to use: It is easy to skive or stitch or finish the leather boards

  • Uniform thickness

Leather board Applications

  • Hand Bags

  • Wallets

  • Belts

  • Portfolio

  • Diaries

  • Folders and organisers

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