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Cellulose boards designed for
leather goods

What is
Cellulose Board

Cellulose Boards are primarily made from vegetable matter, wood pulp, etc.

As Compared to Leather Board, Cellulose Boards are much Lighter, Eco-Friendly, and have neutral odour TURKOTEX CELLULOSE reinforcements cover the complete spectrum of cellulose boards specially designed for leather goods. It gives customers a great value for money and a very stable quality. Turkotex complies with the latest European norms. It is available in a range of thicknesses including 0.3 MM, 0.4 MM, 0.6 MM, 0.8 MM, 1.0 MM, 1.25 MM, 1.50 MM and 2.00 MM. TurkoTex cellulose boards are available in Natural colour and are available in sheet form in the size of 100cm x 150cm.

Cellulose Board

  • Light Weight

  • Stich Compatible

  • Odour less

  • Good Flexibility and body

  • Uniform thickness

  • Eco-friendly

Cellulose Board Applications

  • Hand Bags

  • Wallets

  • Portfolio

  • Diaries

  • Folders and organisers

  • Hard goods

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